Best Western-Jamaica Bay Inn
4175 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6206

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3/28/13 We just saw a mattress leaning against the outside of the Jamaica Bay Hotel with a big sign painted on the mattress saying; HERE'S YOUR BEDBUGS BACK!!

On 9/27/12 when I arrived in room 448 I checked the mattress and it appeared clean. When I woke up after my second night at Jamaica Bay Inn I moved my pillow and discovered a bed bug underneath it. I put it in a Ziplock bag and called the front desk. They wanted to see the bed bug. I remained at the hotel as I was part of a group, the other members of by group staying at the hotel did not find any bed bugs in their rooms. I was given another room and the hotel sent one of my outfits out to

be dry cleaned. The third night in the hotel I slept a couple of hours in a desk chair as I could not bring myself to get into another one of their beds. My trip was totally ruined by the discovery of the bed bug. The hotel did not charge me anything for my stay and seemed only marginally apologetic about the bed bug situation.

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