The Ritz Milner Los Angeles
813 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90017-4607

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I stayed at Ritz Milner Hotel on 8-10 February 2014. I saw a bug on my bed on first day, but I haven't though it was a bed bug. So I just throw it away. I did not feel anything until I got back home about a week later (15 February). When I'm back home I had terrible itches on my arms, shoulders, and feet. Probably I have >50 bites on my body. Just aware that symptoms can start even a week later. This hotel has reports since 2010. It should definitively shut down.

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I stayed in 1106 at this hotel from June 10 - 13, 2013. I didn't experience any bites until I got home, but they showed up the next day and I'm certain this hotel was the origin of them.
Based on the fact I am not the only one to report this here, I'm pretty confidant in my claim.

My mother and I were staying in room 501 on May 16th. In the early morning, she found a bug on her bed that we suspected was a bed bug. Turns out that the entire bed was infested. We switched rooms to 805, but yesterday I discovered that I was bitten across my shoulder and onto my neck. Not sure which room did that.

Stayed in Room 312 on May 3, 2013. At about 1:00pm on May 4, the first bug bites appeared. By the end of the night, 53 bed bug bites had appeared on my body, with such extreme itchiness that I had to go to the doctor to receive a cortizone shot. NEVER staying at this hotel again. Avoid at all costs.

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