Marriott Los Angeles Downtown
333 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA

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I am so disgusted. I stayed at this location last weekend and the first night a friend and I both woke up with bites all over our legs! We checked the bed and saw nothing, so we just ignored it. A few days later, I discover bed bugs in my suitcase and now in my own bed. Calling the hotel first thing in the morning!

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The was a group of 5 of us from Colorado for the ACP conference on days Nov 2-nov 6. After the first night my roommate and I spotted bed bugs in our bed. Some alive and some dead. I immediately called down to the front desk and reported this, because we had to be at the conference they assured me it would be taking care of and we would be moved. We quietly moved to another room and didn't think much of this . We both knew very little about bed bugs. Sunday we noticed little bites around our wris

ts still didn't think too much of it. Since we ve been home we both have continuously broke out . Bites on our arms, stomachs, faces, backs. This has been very devistating. We work in a very busy professional establishment and these bites has made it hard to go to work. The hotel did nothing to compensate our stay, free room vouchers, nothing! We have to go and see a dermatologist. I have since moved in to a new house and petrified. What can we do?
Sara bernal with the Albert Vein Institute
Colorado springs, co 719-339-3783

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A co-worker and myself stayed in the Marriott Downtown LA in May 2010 for 1 night.

A couple days later we noticed swollen bites in series of three and 4 all over our bodies. We contacted the hotel which they confirmed that there were in fact bed bugs not only in the room we stayed in but the entire floor. The infestation was so bad that a couple of them came back in my suitcase and I needed to get my apt fumigated.

The hotel was responsive and paid for my fumigation and dry cleaning as

well as stated that they were bringing in someone to rectify the situation in the hotel. Though I wish they were more courteous in the process.

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Stayed in room 6026 on 2/15-16, 2011. Woke up with 4 red itchy bite marks on legs. Inspected the bed, could not find any evidence of bed bugs, but then again I have never seen one. Called manager, they were very responsive and moved me to another room and indicated that they would call for service on the room.

Stayed in October 2010. Very nice and clean room. Checked everywhere for bed bugs and nothing. Would definitely stay here again!!

July 17 209 Room 5091. Woke up with on legs. Later spread as I had allergic reaction to bites.

March 16th, 2009. The room was disgusting to start with. There was hair and other stuff on my sheets when I checked in. Two weeks later, we have bed bugs at home. So no photographic evidence linking the hotel specifically, but it's the only place I have been in the last month....

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