Marriott-Los Angeles Downtown
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letter of compalint to Mr. Chavez at Marriott-Los Angeles Downtown:

I was a guest at your hotel from 5/20/2012 to 5/27/2012 in room 403. I am writing to notify you that it is my belief and my primary care physician's belief that I was bitten by bed bugs in your property. I usually don't write these types of complaints because I tried to deal with negative situations by turning them into positives. However, the Saturday before I was to check out, I noticed a couple of bites on my left foot

which I thought were "mosquito" bites so I thought nothing of this, after all, people get bitten by mosquitoes all the time. However, by the Sunday (the day of check out), I noticed a couple of "mosquito" bites on my upper right arm. Again, I thought nothing of this. On Monday, more bites popped up (legs, arms, elbows, feet) and I began to be concerned as my thought then was that these could not have been mosquito bites. I didn't know what to think! Two of my granddaughters live with me and I was concerned it was something contagious. I also have a 1-year old granddaughter that comes and visit often and, at this point, I was truly concerned for my family! Can you imagine not wanting to see your grandchildren because you're afraid they will catch something? This is aweful!

Finally, I called my doctor who immediately asked to see me. Boy, was I in for a big surprise when he told me that my "mosquito" bites were actually "bed bug" bites! Are you kidding me, bed bugs? These bites are all over my body including my face.... So, I had to also go to the pharmacy and buy prescription medication. Well, it looks like I'm allergic to the bites because they have become much bigger and swollen.... Now, I have to deal with people's "looks" when I go to work and having to dodge their questions because I'm embarrassed to tell them the real reason for my "rash." This has turned into a very annoying and costly nightmare for me. Not only on the medical part, but I also had to buy a "bed bug" spray for my bedroom and house in case some of the little "critters" hopped in for a ride to the East Coast. Can you imagine if now I have to incur costs related to hiring an exterminator to come in a fumigate my home because of what "hopped" into my luggage! The more I think about this, the more aggravating I become!

I travel quite a lot for business and pleasure, and this was was the third time to LA, traveling from the East Coast, and I have to say, my first time ever encountering this type of problem.

Please look into your sanitary guidelines and, if need be, ascertain that this type of situation does not recur so that other guests would not have to endure what I've been enduring for the last week since I've been back. Oh, and in talking to my doctor and doing research, bed bugs can carry the hepatitis C and/or Chagas disease! Again, are you kidding me! So, not only will I have to worry about having these welts/bites all over my body for the next few weeks (because that's how long they will last) but also about the possibiity of contracting some other crazy disease!

I will also forward a copy of this e-mail to the President/Chair of the Marriott Hotels and the Department of Health because a situation like this one needs to be rectified immediately, especially one that poses a health risk for your guests and the possibility of contracting other disease by virtue of getting bitten by a bed bug, which by the way, the person does not feel the bite because they extract a sort of anesthesia into the body and they could potential feast on one person all night. However, when that anesthesia-like substance disappears, watch out! The itching, pain and swelling is nothing to laugh about.

Again, I'm not one to send this kind of e-mail, but I've been dealing with the aftermath of this situation for a few days, and it's not quite over yet, and it has been very disruptive to my life.

Sadly, I would not stay in your hotel again.


Carmen Rodriguez

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