Luxe City Center Hotel
1020 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90015-1305

Found 3 reports:

I just woke up in this hotel and am covered with bites. The room is beautiful, the service is sub-par, but this is unbelievable. We are paying more than $300 for a room with bed bugs. I am miserable from these bites and will scratch my way home on nine hours of flights.

Our Hotel, The Luxe City Center Hotel, was reported on this site without cause. We have no rooms with infestations of bed bugs. We believe that this report was posted vindictively by a guest we had to evict from the Hotel.

We have regular professional pest control services through our hotel and we pay our room attendants a "bounty" if they find anything that could be any form of pest activity.

Stay at the Luxe City Center! We are bug free!!!

Went there for the XGames and Anime expo. We stayed three nights and four of us(we live in different cities) ended up with bed bugs and bites, taking them home with out knowing!

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