Custom Hotel
8639 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Custom Hotel is proud to have zero *verified* reports of bed bugs in over two years. After each alleged sighting of pests (of any kind), we immediately quarantine the room and call in an outside expert to conduct a thourough inspection. Even if there are no sightings, the rooms are treated as a contingency. Documentation remains on-file at the hotel for each inspection and zero bed bugs have been found.

Custom Hotel recently conducted a mattress-exchange in most guestrooms as we continue to

invest in our property's overall comfort. We look forward to welcoming you to Custom Hotel!

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Itching red bumps on arms, no confirmation on bugs.

Found bed bug upon waking the first day... Hotel denies it, even though we showed the manager a live bed bug..

I was on room 412 and started itching soon after I got in bed. I was eaten up. Next day bug bites everywhere on me. Horrible!'!!

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