Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles - Century Boulevard
6161 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045-5310

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8/29/15. Room 331. I do a thorough check of hotel rooms before I stay for the night. I checked in late avout 12:30 am and did a bed check. The mattresses were wrapped in bed bug protectors and all of the white linens showed no blood spots. However found one adult sitting on the bottom bos spring cover when I lifted the bed skirt.

Woke up in the middle of the night and discovered bed bugs on both beds in room 1520 on Jan 25, 2014. The night manager didn't know how to handle the situation but said he would not charge for our stay. We left in the middle of the night to prevent the critters from "hitch hiking." I later found out the hotel did in fact charge me (I'm currently contesting this), and on top of that may have brought some home. The verdict is still out, but im going to get an exterminator and present Marriott with

the bill if they find any. According to my research any hotel can get them, but because of the high end clientele, 5 stars are less likely to have them. This Marriott had a 3.5 star rating according to the site booked it from. I thought that 3 star and higher was ok? Guess I will be staying at a 5 star in the future.

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Bed bug encounter.....1/2/15.

Nov 18 2012
Was woken up by myself turned on side light to find a bed bug on the pillow next to me. Captured it and showed the hubby, he let the know they moved us to another room

Saw a bedbug crawling across the desk on the last morning of my stay (didn't know they would be on a desk). While the on-duty manager was very polite, I did receive a follow up email stating that they found no bed bugs in the room. I guess he was a scout...

Was lying in bed reading, and noticed a bedbug crawling across the pillow. Captured it, showed it to the manager who said that yes, it was a bedbug. They then moved me to the farthest room away possible. This happened on 2/4/2012.