Cecil Hotel
640 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA

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YES in deed bed bugs is a major problem at the
CECIL hotel my girlfriend was bitten in DECEMBER
OF 2012 and I guarantee the hotel still has problems calling the health dept is worthless.

2nd October 2013, staying in Cecil hotel on 7th floor, just woke up to found a bug crawling on the bed, checked photos online, it's a bed bug :(

One of our clients is a guest of the hotel and they left a bed bug behind after their service. The fact that it was tracked into our location from the hotel should be sufficient proof of an infestation at the hotel. Ew ew ew. Sept 20th 2012

Sunday 9th - Monday 10th Sept 2012


I have been bitten pretty much since I got here and couldn't work out if it was mosquitoes or bed bugs. I know more that is BED BUGS and pictures to prove it.
I reported this to my hotel on yesterday, the staff were very unfriendly and not helpful. It wasn't till I put my foot down did the front of house team decided to send someone to my room to check. They sent a cleaner up to my room an

d the front of house staff didn't want me to go with him but I did. He couldn't see the BED BUGS and said I didn't know what I was talking about. Well my skin the pictures I have would disagree and I am still suffering from the pain and itching. I was moved into another room and spoke to the manager who didn't make a formal written report/complaint of this and told me that the hotel has been experiencing a BUG problem this summer.
He apologised but that was it ...

I can't believe this kind of customer service its a joke and more importantly how many people are going to suffer from BED BUG BITES from this HOTEL.

HOTEL: Cecil Hotel
640 S Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Front Office Manager: Jonathan Philips
1-213-624-4545 ext 6209
[email protected]


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When booking online I thought, "Nice! A room downtown for $50!". What I didn't think of was why the rate was so cheap. Stupid me. I thought it was probably the bad neighborhood.
I checked in yesterday (6/19/2012) and thought the lobby was nice, the shared bathrooms were clean and the room was okay and had a nice view (room 704).
Today I woke up itchy and the first thing that popped in my head was bed bugs. I looked all over my body and found 9 bites... so far. Unfortunately I paid for 2 n

ights. I'm considering calling the front desk and asking if I can move to a different room, but if they're here they're probably in the whole hotel.
Cecil Hotel, please don't ruin my vacation!!

I'll post here tomorrow when I check out if I get more bites.

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Just stayed at the Cecil Hotel, room number 1206. With a rate on Priceline for $55/night. The room smelled like fumigation but was relatively clean. Checked in this past Friday and checked out Sunday. I have over 15 bites all over my body and it is starting to turn into a rash. I plan on taking some steps in hopes that my house will avoid infestation

I stayed at the Stay Hotel this weekend in room 543.
I thought the decor was really cool online when i booked it for 85.00$

I woke up Sunday morning with a few bites here and there and thought maybe they were mosquitos bites.
Today (Monday) I woke up and the hives / bites are everywhere on my body now, even my face.
I am so pissed and do plan on suing if I can.
I definitely intend on complaining to the city for it being such an unsanitary hotel and that I have been attacked by bedbugs whi

le staying there.
I highly recommend never ever staying there.
Its also really creepy on the Cecil side.

Carolann in San Diego

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I stayed at the room 934 for a week. I have developed terrible allergies... I am back home and I think I saw a bedbug at my place even when I immediatly washed EVERYTHING! I am so worried, is there a chance that I brought those bugs from thousands of miles away?

How can I submit a formal report?

Did you know that for the past several decades, the Cecil Hotel has been home to LA’s poorest residents?
The “Stay” and the Cecil are in the same building. Tenants of the Cecil believe that the conversions of their homes to the Stay were illegal because they violated the following laws:
*In May 2006 the City Council passed a temporary moratorium on the demolition and conversation of residential hotels.

* Later in 2006, the Community Redevelopment Agency adopted Devel

opment Guidelines and Controls for Residential Hotels. This guideline, among other things, requires replacement housing at extremely low-income levels for any units lost.

* The City’s Primary Renovation Ordinance (LAMC 151.03) also requires that a notice of primary renovation be served to tenants, that a Tenant Habitability Plan (THP) be approved by the Housing Department, and that the THP be served to tenants. It also ensures that no tenant is permanently relocated from their current unit unless paid relocation benefits.

The City has ignored enforcing its own laws and the Cecil owners are now exhibiting the illegal conversion on the sidewalks - for the viewing pleasure of the “new downtown” at the expense of long-term residents.

LA CAN has filed a lawsuit, along with tenants, alleging these above violations that left many people without a home. If this concerns you, you may not want to support the “Stay.”

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Room 1209 May 28th to June 2nd

Got home from a business trip and over the next week developed bump after bump on my neck, arms, and chest. Thought I'd been bitten by mosquitoes at first, but after a few days it became obvious that I was suffering from something far worse. I've never had allergies but I was pretty sure that I had hives...until my business partner (and roommate while staying at the Cecil Hotel) called to report the same symptoms. We looked it up and YUP bedbugs.There were many

warnings that it is incredibly easy to transfer these parasites from one location to another. Only extreme temperatures will kill all stages of bedbugs, so my linens and clothing are currently being shrunk in HOT water. (My dry cleaning is in the freezer.)

I came to find out that the Cecil Hotel knew about this problem for MONTHS before our stay, but still rented out the rooms. This place is a glorified slum.

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I had gone to bed in room 539 in December 6, 2007
and was almost asleep when I felt something bite me. I got up and turned on the lights to find 4 or 5 bedbugs moving around in the bed. I got a newspaper and swatted them. When I sat in the chair I saw 2 more bedbugs on that. Then I noticed some more were comming under the door. This place sucks!

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