Carlton Hotel
534 Wall St
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1518

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Since January 2010, just about every room on the 1st and 2nd floors have bedbugs. I heard the spray the management use is a mere mixture of alcohol and bleach. In June 2010, my carpet was steam cleaned and my bed replaced (one with plastic cover and closed with tape - not a seal). My nieghbor is really infested with bedbugs and the manager won't spray or replace the ubcovered bed until August 12th. Now my room is reinfested as well. They called the Health Department and they said they would com

e out this week. They said they are looking into a lot of hotels infested with bedbugs in the downtown area. I heard that a lot of the SRO/Skid Row housing (hotels) are infected with bedbugs, as well. I am in room #206; room 208 is really, really infested! And I'm getting more and more bites!

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