Best Western Dragon Gate Inn
818 N Hill St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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This hotel has yet to change their ways, and still is infested with bedbugs. We flew yesterday (10/17/12) to attend a funeral, checked into our room (306) around 3, unpacked, and left our room for about 6 hours. On returning we decided to rest on the bed and within minutes had bedbugs all over the pillow, and crawling on me. We also saw some on the carpet, and even on the tile. We quickly packed and alerted the front desk. The night desk guy was apologetic and refunded us for all costs, bu

t couldn't get ahold of any management and basically just apologized. He did promise to have management call us and he gave us some rubbing alcohol to help disinfect our luggage but we were on our own after 11pm to find a new place and clean all of our stuff. We found a few bedbugs on our luggage, so we took everything to a 24 hr laundromat. We spent a few hours washing everything in hot and drying it for a long time, we also doused the luggage in rubbing alcohol. We still haven't heard from the management of the hotel, or from Best Western corporate. Not only do they not care about the cleanliness of their hotel, they don't care at all about customer service. Don't Stay in room 306.

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My wife and I came to LA to visit family and we decided not to inconvenience anyone and stay at The Best Western Dragon Gate Inn Hotel in CHinatown Los Angeles. We should of known something when we were standing at the front desk registering and a young lady gets off the elevator. I thought she said something about bugs, but my wife said thats not what she said at the time... Well anyway the chinaman behind the desk began to apologize like crazy and they changed her room immediately....


n we go up to the room we wanted to take a quick nap. While we were napping I noticed my wife was itching herself while she was sleeping. After we got up we both took showers and went out to dinner... we began to get these little red welts on our skin the BOTH OF US!
When we got back home we made doctor appointments and it turns out that we were bitten by bed bugs, but what makes it so bad is that we brought them home with us...

We called the Dragon gate inn but they refused to even listen to us and neither did best western do be careful you never know where they'll be...

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