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regarding my post on TRAVELODGE on 05/29/2009:

it ended up being a Bedbug.. not a Tick. Ever since then I don't stay in a room until Ive pulled the sheets off the bed and looked for carcasses. Sure, the front desk gets frustrated that they have to do more work to find you a clean room, but I'm not going thru another 2 to 3 weeks of that again.

I still have the pictures: one clearly showing the critter in a Travelodge cup. Another showing the bedcover pulled down and old blood spots visible

on the underside.

Ever since this episode, including the lack of resolution beyond "we can comp you your next visit", Travelodge was taken off of my places-to-stay list and I make sure to let everyone I know who travels to be advised

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Thanks for the clarification. I had taken pictures the day of, including pics of the bug as well and upon review this week while trying to sort out the symptoms and figure out what type of marking the critter had, matched it with an online picture of a bedbug. I had no idea they could get this big (probably 4-5mm!) It's into the start of another week and still itching like a madman with marks visible on my arms and a 3 inch welt on my back. Tired achey (non-stop neck & shoulders tightness) and f

eel like Ive been doing shrugs in the gym. Ive been throwing up past few days, with loss of appetite and I keep waking up in bed everytime I feel an itch wave coming on. Cant even take a shower without the itchiness being triggered by the warm water and soap rubbing.
driving me crazy and I absolutley cannot afford to keep the office closed for another week, Im losing business and don't know what recourse I have besides complaining online.
Any information would be helpful.

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My wife and I were visiting Long Beach. Upon arriving to the hotel I took a shower and got in bed (Wife slept above covers). In the morning sat up in bed and noticed movement on the covers. It was a Tick. Collected it and took pictures, then took it to the front desk. Later on that day started itching like CRAZY all about my arms and back. Went to a rest room and took of my shirt to see what was irritating me. Noticed 10 bites starting to swell up with marked redness and swelling.

We were pu

t into a different room. Upon raising next morning swelling had increased so that now bite marks were displaying characteristics of bug bite. Itching was so severe that I had to continually apply ice and over the counter measures to control it(calamine, benadryl, Neosporin).

Upon arriving home went to hospital as now I was experiencing fatigue and flu symptoms along with the itching. Increasingly frustrated as the itch just will not go away. Was prescribed streroidal cream and antibiotics. Have to go back for a Lyme antibody test in 30 days. and in the meantime Ive had to miss 5 days from work (Im a chiropractor/massage therapist who uses arms/hands, so this wont do for treat patients while arms are swollen).

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