Motel 6
5665 E 7th St
Long Beach, CA

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My husband & I stayed one night at this motel. November 2, 2013. I found hairs on the sheets, small scab looking things, and a few stains thinking they may not have washed them. We called the front desk to see if we could get new sheets, & the man my husband spoke to said to give them 20 min. He did not specify whether he was dropping them to our room, but the way it sounded seemed like he was. An hour passes, & we have still not received our sheets. My husband goes to the front office, & the wo

man there says they are out. So, my husband & I try to sleep with as much clothing on as possible. We also don't use any if the heavier blankets as they didn't look washed either. I wake up the next morning with my left pelvic hip itchy. I see three red & irritated spots in the shape of a triangle. I assume it was bed bug bites. I looked it up online, & it seems like the bites I have are also similar to those who have been bitten. The next day, I also noticed that a small part of my lower back was itchy, & my husband told me there were small little bumps (almost like mite bites) there.

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