Hollister Inn
152 San Felipe Rd
Hollister, CA 95023

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My father, brother, and I checked in here a couple days ago. We had already gone through a whole ordeal with bed bugs (not to mention an incompetent pest control guy) so we can spot them. We've stayed a couple of nights, and we are covered in bites. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!

I know the options at Hollister are limited, but it's not worth it.

This place was a convenient stop for my buddy and I. I distinctly remember waking up early and seeing a little black dot on my bed and I thought it was a fuzzy from the covers or something (not realizing the covers weren't black) and flicked it off the bed. Throughout the day, I started developing welts all over my body that itched like crazy.

When I came home that night, I immediately showered and washed all my things.

I found little black dots in my luffa, which confirmed that the bugs were *on* me all day long!

I went to my doctor's today, and he said that the spread, marks and symptoms looks like bed bugs.

I called the management office, and they have issued me a refund for the night (after I emailed them proof of photos of my bites that are all over my body), but when I recommended that they call an exterminator and evacuate anyone that was in that room, he simply told me that he looked and there was nothing in the room. He offered to email me back photos of the room to show that there were no bugs....As if you would be able to see bed bugs/fleas or whatever they were in a picture!

When I called the night I came home, and told the person on the phone to take the customer out of the room I was staying, he simply said "people stay here all the time." When I mentioned that I'm not saying the Inn as a whole, but that room since it's a safety hazard. They didn't seem to care.

I stayed there on Saturday night November 9. I've posted pictures of the welts on just two of my limbs, but I'm completely covered, back, legs, arms, hand torso.. you name it.

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Stay away from this place! They are infested and the managers know about it. Judging by the two other posts, they knew since October 2011, and obviously haven't tried to exterminate the bugs. I have travelled throughout Europe and the US and never have I experienced something so terrible.

I stayed there two nights this past week, 21-22 Aug 2012. I woke after the first night with dozens of itching welts on my back, neck, feet and both arms from the wrist to the shoulders, so many I could

n't count. At the time, I thought it maybe was a rash or an allergic reaction; bedbugs never entered my mind. However, (in hindsight) I was obviously a buffet for several little monsters.

Upon inspection of the sheets I found dead bugs, fecal matter, and blood stains on the sheets. I didn't know what to make of it, other than the room had bugs. I informed the manager and asked for a new room. He fed me straight BS about it being hunting season and the last occupants must have brought insects indoors with them.

After a second night in a different room, and more itching welts, I freaked and went to a doctor. He informed me the welts were specifically bites from bedbugs. Everything made sense. Earlier in the day, I noticed the manager had doors open to several of the rooms (including my former room). When I asked about it, he stated they needed "airing out". I immediately packed my bags, intent to check out and head to the nearest laundromat. I happened to pass the manager's son while putting my bags into the truck of my rental. When I told him his hotel was infested with bedbugs and I was going to launder my clothes, he wasn't even shocked. He casually told me that I only needed to use the dryer on high heat, and that rinsing "doesn't do anything."

I got the hell out of there as fast as I could. Now I am super paranoid about bringing them back. Yuck!

I wasn't even aware bedbugs were a problem in the developed world. After relating my experience, a friend advised me about the Bedbug Registry. I will definitely check this site before any future travels.

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Stayed two days 10/03-10/04 and it was the worst experience. I've never been a victim of bedbugs and it is a rerrible feeling. I should of checked out after the first night when i woke up "feeling" itchy on my back, but i just bruched it off as nothing serious. On tuesday morning i woke up with bumps all over my chesy, arms, back, and neck. I looked like i got attacked by a swarm of bees. stay away from this place!

10/6/11 I have been staying here since Sunday 10/2/11. I'm a really sensative sleeper and a few times over the last few nights always felt like there was a bug crawling on my leg or arm. I never felt any bite pains though, so I just dismissed it as "my mind running" because I always get creeped out in Hotels. My two year old son has been waking up with a few red bumps on him every morning. Again, I never thought of bed bugs and thought it just might be a spider.

I stayed up to work and

at around 2 am I was sitting on the bed and typing when I actually saw something crawling on my arm. I found that one, then immediatly jumped up and found 4 more crawling on the headboard behind me. All pretty big. I have in the last 30 mins found another 4 very small ones.

Right now it is 3:30am and my son is sound asleep and I dont want to wake him up but we are outta here first thing in the morning.

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