Maryland Hotel
202 E Wilson Ave
Glendale, CA 91206

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*UPDATE * it is now th 24th of december, management has taken full responsibility in dealing with situation, they have moved me to different room while other room is treated and professional comes to eradicate the pest fully. I am very happy to be removed from that situation, anyone who has not experienced it has no idea the amount of stress it consumes you with. I understand this is a low income hotel and am lucky and fortunate that management has dealt with and is dealing with the situation in

a serious manner. I have read many stories where they did nothing and the tenant was completely on their own in dealing with the problem. I felt that they were not taking it as serious as need be at first but that has definitely changed. As anyone who is familiar with these infernal pests knows this can happen anywhere, from the most spotless mansion to the most ghetto apartment, they do not discriminate. So the key in dealing with them is having an empathetic management team who understands the severity of issue and will work their hardest to curb the problem while at the same time trying not to inconvenience you any more than they have to. This seems to be a growing problem (once again) all over the country, and throughout the world. I just hope i never have to deal with ANYTHING like it again. . ..

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Wow am i glad to see at least one other person has reported the infestation in this place. The management not only tried to feign surprise when i alerted them and brought them to my room to show them the bugs, they actually had the audacity to insinuate that i was in some way responsible for them. I have been staying here for a while since June it is now Dec. I decided to stay here because i could no longer afford my two bedroom apt. + the ridiculous privatized power, and water costs associated

with Glendale. Before i had any instance myself i had over heard numerous people complain about them, even to me personally. I did not take much heed to their warning, to my immense regret. On 12-13-12 i was cleaning behind my bed and found a bunch of them on the corner of the mattress, they turned out to be EVERYWHERE! in my picture frames, in my carpets, everywhere. Immediately the maids responded to it with the calculated precision you only achieve with experience on the matter. They have sprayed toxic pesticides (which does absolutely nothing, anyone who has bothered to do 2 minutes of research on the subject will tell you that) and used another toxic fogger yesterday which also did less than nothing. It actually makes the problem worse and causes them to spread, as anyone who has bothered to take the time to realize what they are dealing with will tell you. Just like i said and thousands of others, many professional exterminators included, this did NOTHING today i wake up (if you could call it that i've been so freaked out and stressed out from this i can not sleep) and there are bugs to be found everywhere. The management was in such disbelief, or willful ignorance, that she insisted on coming up to see them, as if i make these stories up for entertainment, the audacity of some people is truly unbelievable. I tell them that i have called an exterminator to come give me an estimate but since it is a hotel management needs to not only approve but make the actual request. I was thinking i could pay myself to have this dealt with but when quoted approx.. 1,200 dollars to treat my room which can't be more than 350 square feet, if that, i was beside myself. In NO way should i have to be responsible for their negligence. Granted this place is not the Ritz but regardless they are not allowed to subject tenants/guests to these squalid living conditions. I can not recall ever being this stressed out and completely consumed with such a dreaded felling of helplessness on the issue. Even if i move today chances are i will just bring them with me, and this is not a problem i can live with in any way shape or form.

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I stayed in this hotel on the nights of 6/2 and 6/3/11. After the first night, I had some bumps on my arm, but was not aware that they were bed bug bites. The bumps continued to swell, multiply, and become very itchy. A doctor confirmed that these were bed bug bites, and that the bed bugs had infested my clothing.

The number of bites that I suffered all over my body--including face, hands, feet, arms, legs, stomach, neck, and back--leads me to believe that the infestation is severe. I hav

e contacted the hotel several times since confirming that the bites resulted from bed bugs. They do not answer their phone. They do not have an answering machine. They have not responded to my e-mails.

This hotel has bed bugs, and, so far, has not taken any responsibility for the incident. Beware!

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