Embassy Suites-la Glendale
800 N Central Ave
Glendale, CA 99999

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Stayed for one night on 6/8/13. Woke up the morning of 6/9/13. My wife noted a small red dot on the sheet. She thought it was a bit of lint. But then it was moving! Hotel management was called up to the room (#302) and it was confirmed that they were bed bugs.

Our room was comp'ed and the hotel promised to pay for any dry clean charges, but still a total nightmare as we do not want an infestation to start in our own home. Took every precaution including getting completely undressed in the ga

rage, bagging out clothes in sealed bags and advising the cleaners of situation so they can also use extreme caution

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October 16-18 , 2012
Room 1021

I stayed there for two nights, and upon return to Atlanta have extreme case of bedbug bites all over my legs, and have been very uncomfortable.

I tried nicely to reach out to them to tell them this- mostly so the next person does not suffer this fate but have been ignored.

Thank you for this valuable registry - I hope that I can help someone.


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