Knotts Berry Farm Resort Hotel
7675 Crescent Ave
Buena Park, CA

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this is just a dirty hotel. Stayed there and not only bed bugs, our room had cockroaches, walking in the bathroom, ! We kept the light on all night. gross. Told the manager and pretty much not surprised, offered partial refund....ick.

Stayed at this hotel not by choice, but as selected by Priceline. After discovering this website, I've been more alert and vigilant in checking my room's headboards and sheets and under the bed. I stayed in room 724 back in 12.08.10 and the room was pretty clean, I did find an extra breakfast door tag though. Thinking about it, inspecting your own room before settling in is kind of an inconvenience, but bedbugs seem to be part of today's travels, and I'll take the extra step to make sure I'm sta

ying in a safe and clean room. From what I've read about bed bugs, they're not just present in dirty hotels. Even a pristine fancy 5 star hotel can have bed bugs brought by a travelling guest unknowingly.

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We stayed in room 808 June 30th to July 2nd. My husband has hundreds of bites all over his body. My chidren and myself also have bites, but not as bad as my husband. The hotel refunded some of our money when my husband brought two bugs into the lobby that he found in his bed the day that we checked out. This really ruined our vacation. I think that the health department should shut down hotels that are infested with bugs. The staff did not appear to be surprised at all about the bugs. Ther

e appears to be a wide spread infestation at this hotel.

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I was in room 607. In the morning we were sitting on the beds when my brother looked down and saw a bug, I went over and looked over confirming it was a bedbug. I corralled it into a glass and checked out asap. There was no problem getting our money back. When we went outside I mentioned to my boyfriend that they must have had previous complaints because the manager didn't look surprised to see it. I too wish I had known about this site.

Room 734 - Nov 30, 2009
I woke up to find a bedbug crawling on me in the early morning with a bit mark or two. After notifying the managers I'm moving to another hotel. The staff was nice enough about this - and didn't question or put up a fight - I wish I had found this website earlier and checked it before booking. It was as you can guess a disgusting experience and the hotel industry should do more about this then they appear to have been doing

June 20, 2009 Had a bed bug crawl across sheet while taking an afternoon nap with my son. Room 615. Trapped bug in a glass and notified management who moved us to another room. Needless to say, I did not have a good nights sleep regardless of the room change. As you might imagine, this ruined our entire vacation!!So disgusting.

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