Best Western University Inn
920 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94710

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I checked in on Sunday night October 19, 2014, at La Quinta Inn, room 233, on university avenue. I checked for bedbugs and visibly saw three right away and called the front desk and got moved to a different room. They asked me if I was okay sleeping in the other bed in the room and I said no. I feel this is worth reporting. It was horrible!

May 2010. This hotel is also known as La Quinta Inn.

My friend arrived and checked in first and was already in bed by the time my car arrived at 2:00 AM. When he opened the door for me, we thanked him for letting me and apologized for waking him up. He casually commented that he wasn't sleeping that well anyway and felt that there were things crawling on him. Since we had a martial arts tournament the next day, we chalked it up to anxiety.

I noted that there was a spot of blood on his arm

and he said he had probably scratched himself in his sleep.

He got back into bed while we unpacked to get ready to sleep. I was just about to turn off the lights for him when he suddenly sat up and said, "There are bugs all over me!".

I looked, and they were everywhere! It was kind of gross. We immediately put our bags on the tables and helped our friend flick some bugs off of him. After his shower, he said he saw a couple more that he was able to wash off.

We eventually got another room, but it was a very fretful night of sleep. We even set an alarm to wake us an hour later so we can check ourselves for bugs.

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2/14/2011 - i was in room 130, laying in bed watching TV, saw something crwaling on the white sheet from the corner of my eyes. got out of bed and investigate, found a small, flat round bug. the size of a watermellon seed, took a closer look and searched online to see what a bed bug looks like since i've been seeing news reports about bed bug infested hotels. found out it WAS a bed bug, pulled the covers off and found another one, a smaller one but it was plump, not flat as the first one. it

was red, so that one either got my blood inside or the previous guest in the room. called the front desk and they let me change the room, but i was so paranoid that i kept lifting the blanket and checking under the sheets for the rest of the night.

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