Garden Suites Inn
2310 Wible Rd
Bakersfield, CA 93304

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Garden Suites Inn
2310 Wible Rd
Bakersfield, CA

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My fiance'(Shawn), son, and I stayed at

the Garden Suites Inn Bakersfield Cafor

an extended stay, due to a lapse in

residency. On May 28th my fiance' broke

out in massive lumps and hives all over

his body. Two days prior to this I saw

a bug in our mattress and reported it to

the owners not knowing what I was

dealing with, I disregarded the incident

and continued to stay at the hotel.

Once he and my son both broke out in

hives I started researching the bug I

saw and realized it was a BED BUG!!! I

can't even begin to explain how

disgusted and anxious this experience is

making me, I am still at the hotel and

have been moved down from room 308 to

room 312 only two doors away... this

room is even dirtier than 308 and I

cannot help but be nautious.

I remained calm as possible so as not to

allert other guests, I even forwarded

the owner the budbugbattleplan link per

her request... after switching rooms we

left the hotel to shake off the heebie

jeebies and give the owners time to

assess the situation and resolve it

accordingly I gave them my mobile # and

and We returned around 5-6 hours later

11pm. When I arrived the owner was at

the front desk and I inquired about the

status of the situation. She looked at

me unconcerned and disregarded the

magnitude of what WE were going through

. She hadn't even looked at the info She

had me forward to her.. What should I

do? I just want them to be fair... this

is our home temporarily and it should be

sanitary I dont know what to do this is

where we planned on staying it fits our

budget BARELY I cannot afford to have my

family sick and displaced and I believe

they at least owe us an appolgy. I dont

feel I should have to pay to stay in a

room that made my family sick nor do I

think I can feel comfortable staying

here until fumigated and dont appreciate

the lack of concern for the guests

health. I dont think their is anything

they could do to make it ok to stay

here.. I am too disgusted with the bed

bugs and their lack of concern. It

happens to be my week checkout day... I

just hope I can find a place and that we

are not going to bring these bugs with

us. All I want to do is sleep I can

barely function from the stress disgust

and anxiety.
Well it is about 1 hour from checkout

and I have not heard from the hotel and

have three hours of packing to due... I

will probably get charged a late fee

because I am so tired sick and stessed I

can barely function...need nap


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