Hotel Menage
1221 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Stayed Dec 31, 2013 - Jan 7, 2014 in room 514 and a few days after getting home noticed multiple bed bug bites on arms, hands, legs, and back. Make sure to inspect room before staying!!

Monday March 25th, my children and I arrived bug free and bite free. We all left covered in bites. My kids also found makeup and pull out couch.

Guest for Nam Music Show in January 2012. Hotel is loud, off freeway, and poorly renovated. Pulled back the sheets because we had a bad feeling about the room. There was a brown bug on the sheets! I placed the bug on a tissue to show the Manager. I called the Manager said we found a small brown bug on the sheets. He was understanding and agreed to change our room. Said pest control would examine the bug.
I left the room , left the bug on the desk and never slept well there,

I stayed at this hotel last year and woke up with bites all over me. I went down to the front desk to report that I thought there were bed bugs in the room.

They sent me to a medical facility which verified I had been bitten by something and they treated me with an anti itch medicine and benadryl.

The bugs came home with me. I had bed bugs in my house for the past nine months. Finally had to move out after 2 chemical treatments and 2 heat treatments. Had to dispose of my families m

attresses, all upholstered furniture and filled items.

The hotel would not reimburse me for any of this. I have had to move and take a second job due to the negilgance of this hotel. They would not aid in any compensation. Said they found spiders in the room but it was bed bugs and it changed my life forever. It was the worst year of my life. Do not stay at this hotel. It is unclean and the management is terrible! They don't care about you or the cleanliness of their establishment. Run!!!! I will never forget this experience my family had to live through courtesy of one night at Hotel Menage!

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I stayed at this hotel within the last month. I woke up with bites all over my stomache and chest. Red bites in clusters. I have pictures. I went to the hotel managment to report the issue. I was treated by a doctor for bites. The hotel mattress was yellow and stained.