Marina Village Inn
1151 Pacific Marina
Alameda, CA 94501-1146

Found 2 reports:

Rarely travel these days - stayed there around April, 2013. The day I checked out I started itching. Welts developed all over my body I counted over 50 and have pictures (arghhhh). The welts got bigger and more swollen for the next week or so. Checked out bedbugs on the net and the welts fit the description perfectly. Tracks up and down arms and legs, bites on uncovered areas of my body. Two nurses looked at them and agreed that they met the symptoms.

The room was relatively clean but

the hotel is old and not in the best repair. The room smelled a bit. Other rooms have water stains on ceilings from old leaks and smells of mold.

I generally work at home, live a relatively isolated lifestyle so there really is no other explanation for how this happened.

Reported to the hotel - took several days for a response and multiple phone calls.

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My toddler and I stayed in this quaint Inn for almost a month and unfortunately she developed so much bed bug rash from this place.
Its a shame because they do strive to keep the place clean and well maintained.

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