Extended Stay America Oakland-Alameda
1350 Marina Village Pky
Alameda, CA 94501-6442

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My apartment complex in Alameda put me up here for nearly two weeks recently..first check-in night April 14, Room # 313. I have been trying to mend a broken foot and I have a cat. I had to lug a lot of stuff and go shopping for groceries etc to get me trough nearly two wks. When I checked in and asked for help with my things on the cart to my room, I was told they dont have people to help. They also have no handicap buttons to automatically open the TWO sets of lobby doors and it was very diffic

ult just to get this task done and in and out of elevator to room, etc. After finally settling down, and unpacking stuff getting my scared cat comfortable and getting my ice pack and pillows set for bed to elevate my foot, it must have been around 11pm by then. I'm in my pajamas settling in bed with my very sore foot that I'm NOT supposed to even be on at the time, and INSTANTLY started seeing a few very large full grown bedbugs crawling out from the headboard area up around the pillows and crawling over the white sheets. I was so grosssed out omg!!! I had a feeling what they were, but to confirm, googled them and I knew instantly. We couldn't get another room until early am. My cat and I slept/sort of...and watching guard in the leather recliner in the corner of the room. The woman on duty at 7am, Chrisine, I believe was manager, gave me anoher room..smoking room, but was only one available and didn't smell too bad and we checked both beds for bugs didnt see anyhing in the new room. However, when I was trying to pack back up and move to new room, my cat freaked and hiding under the bug infested bed up against the wall..area where bugs were coming from initially. It took me half hr to get him out into his carrier. So we got moved, but I was leery about any eggs getting on my cat and traveling to the new room. Don't you know, the last night we were there, I got bit on legs arms and buttocks!! Big welty looking bites...just like what I saw on WebMD and other sites. I was livid and grossed out. My cat began scratching 2 days prior so I was keeping an eye out for bugs. Never saw any, but that doesn't mean anything. That's not their behavior normally..they come out and feed at night and hide and even in the walls during the day. When I checked out that day, I told the girl at front desk, showed her my arm, and she stated they don't usually have bedbugs there and that my first room where I killed about a dozen by squishing them with tissue, she said their technicians went through the whole room and it was clear...no bugs. That was a bold face lie and i explained the bugs behavior to her she still denied it and i was furious. The bites I did get were from the second room #404. I think we carried eggs that eventually hatched from room 303 to 414 becase its odd i didnt ge bit til our last night there....10 days later. This is NOT the place to stay...stay far far away!!! I just heard other horror stories about the other hotel on other end of the island on Harbor Bay Parkway, Bay Farm Island near the Oakland airport.

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Our wedding party stayed at this hotel on Sept. 3, 2011. The children were awakened by feelings of something crawling on them! Aunt Joan woke up and saw bedbugs crawling everywhere. She killed 3 and saved them to show to the desk. The management refunded her money; but, the wedding party had to move at 3:a.m. trying to find another place on Labor Day weekend! The hotel knows they are infested and yet they booked a wedding party into the room! They should be shut down! Hospitality.... yeah right.

My company put me up here on business. Stayed for three nights. 7/11-7/13/2011. Have stayed here before with no problems but this time the bedbug infestation was out of control. Hotel is infested. STAY AWAY!!

I have been staying at this hotel several times a year for 4 years with no problem. My last stay-I stayed at this hotel for 2 nights-6-12-2011 and 6-13 2011. The first morning after sleeping I woke up with several bites-thought they were mosquito bites. The next morning had more bites-over 30 big itching welts and groups of bites. Went to a doctor and got antihistimine because the itching was so bad. The third night I stayed in a different room and still got more. This is bedbug central and I wo

n't be staying here again.

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