Same Sun Hostel
1018 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6Z

Found 3 reports:

November 2011= I got bitten badly, my legs were destroyed, when I mentioned this to reception the said maybe I was allergic to the detergent used. The bed was absolutely horrible.

When we reported the problem to them, we asked if they've had reports of it before, and their answer was "well, not in this room" so clearly they knew this was a problem already. They gave us complete MISINFORMATION about the infestation as well. They said, don't worry, it doesn't travel on clothes or anything so you don't have to worry about taking it home with you. Ridiculous.

My friend is visiting from scotland, staying at the Same Sun backpackers hostel. He shared a room with 4 other people. After a few days he noticed he was getting severly itchy.. it started only after a couple days but progressed very fast. They switched his room and refunded him for a few nights but he's still hurting pretty bad.. time to clear out the bugs!

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