Greenbrier Hotel
1393 Robson St
Vancouver, BC

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On April 17th and 18 my friends and I stayed at the Greenbrier Hotel on Robson Street. Room 208 - the bed closest to the window has bed bugs (over the two nights, three of us slept in that bed and got bites - everyone else who did not sleep in that bed were ok). Beware!!

I arrived at the Greenbrier on April 1st. I was given room 211. I went up to the room and as soon as I walked in I was quite aware of an odour. I did not put any bags onto the bed but onto the top of the chest of draws. I then opened a window. After a few minutes i realized that I would not be able to sleep in this room. It smelt like pet urine.
Anyway the kind staff person then moved me into room 104. No smell. Again I avoided the bed until I was able to check it out. I looked into the chest o

f draws and did not see any evidence of an infestation and therefore put my clothes in the draw.
A short time later the staff person told me that they were moving me to room 204. So I moved.
I checked only one side of the bed - I thought I was being overly paranoid. Anyway there wasn't any sign of bugs.
I spent a bit of time sitting in the living room in a chair that wasn't in great shape. It had fabric arms.
I did not notice any bits on my body after the first night but after the second night I notice a few small marks around my wrist areas. I thought they were a reaction to possibly the fabric on the chair or something like that.
Anyway - I got back to Edmonton on April 8th and I fully understood that I had something. Mostly on my forarms and elbow. I was very diligent about ensuring they did not get into my home (I did not want my sone getting them). I washed the clothes several times, everything went into the chest freezer and vacuuming several times a day. I don't think I have received any more bites since I have been back but they ones I do have have lingered.
What a waste of time and energy.
No response from teh hotel after I wrote to them.

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