Cafe Pacifica - Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver
300 - 999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C

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This is in response to the above postings of a recent guest and her friend.

We regret this guest’s recent experience while traveling to Vancouver.

Similar to all first class hotels, we have health and safety protocols in place for dealing with various incidents. When a guest brings forward a concern such as this, it is taken very seriously. Our protocol requires that a senior manager and housekeeper do an initial inspection and, regardless of outcome, the room is to be placed out of

service. The protocol is also to immediately engage an independent certified pest control service to conduct a thorough inspection and provide a report of their findings. In this instance, our initial inspection revealed no evidence of bed bugs or any other infestation; this was further supported by the findings of the independent pest control service. The interaction with the guest was handled by a senior manager who facilitated a change to a higher level room and, as a precaution, an offer to sanitize her personal belongings.

We take pride in providing our guests with a first class hospitality experience and are disappointed that, despite our efforts and communications with this guest, we were not able to meet their expectations.

It is unfortunate that this guest did not accept the findings of our independent pest control service and felt it necessary to post this misleading review on this and other forums.

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I got several bites on my first night there directly from home and same thing -- won't admit the problem or apologize, or comp me a night, or upgrade me. Denied there were bugs in the room. Went through three days of business meetings with huge bites on my hand, which a doctor verified. The fact is that this is a venue for cruise ship passengers from all over the world who stay for a night or two. There is constant turnover. I spent $2000 there in 3 days to be treated like I brought the bugs my


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This is for the hotel, I can't seem to file for the hotel.
My friend had 7 bites from one night--and a doctor confirmed they were bedbugs bites. The hotel moved her room, but did not comp her--even though she had doctor's written report. This hotel will not even admit it has bedbugs!!! They said it was something else.

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