Happy Day Inn
7330 6th St
Burnaby, BC V3N3L3

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Bedbug infestation. We found live bugs,filthy nest of bedbugs under mattress,,bit 70 times,filthy

Checked in July 6/15 for a pre-paid 16 night stay in a kitchenette, room 203. On check in, we were advised we would be in room 305 due to maintenance issues in 203. Two days later we moved to 203. The next morning, June 9, I noticed 4 bites on my head which I thought were mosquito bites obtained when I went outside for a smoke. On the 10th, more bites noticed on my arm which I thought were mosquitoes or no-see-ums from the spot I used to smoke and read the paper. This continued for an additional

10 days. The itching a d inflammation around the bites was incessant. I found blood spots on the bedding which I attributed to uncontrolled scratching in my sleep. On June 19 I noticed a black spot moving on the edge of the sheet. It was a bed bug. I found four more and then a large black stain on the foundation sheet on the box spring, a bed bug nest that was months old. The black colour is their feces from many, many feedings.

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One of the worst experiences I have had with bed bugs. The beds were infested with bed bugs. I saw bed bugs lying in the bed. Started biting pretty badly. I realized and woke up. The hotel management mentioned they had this issue before and wanted me to compromise my stay.

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