Homestead Scottsdale
3560 N Marshall Way
Scottsdale, AZ

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I am staying here for two months. The first week here I got bit on my face and arm. My second week I got bit on my arm and it got infected. It was the worst pain and itch ever. I had to go to urgent care. At that point I still didn't know what was biting me.Everyone thought maybe it was a scorpion that bit my arm. Then on the third week I felt the same bite at 3 am. I turned on the lights and found a bed bug on my bed. I called the office and they told me they couldn't do anything at that time.

I just moved out to Arizona and started a new job and I already had to miss a day to go to urgent care and couldn't sleep worrying about the bed bugs. The next day I was leaving town and they told me they could move me into another room. I was out of town for a few days and they said they couldn't do anything till I was there. I told them I can't miss work at my new job and they told me that I need to figure out my schedule. I got put in a new room when I came back and they wouldn't allow me in my old room to get my stuff. I am still waiting to see what the next step is. All my stuff is sitting in my room.

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My husband was there less than 2 hours when he found bedbugs, both dead and alive.

Was on a 2 month business stay at HOMESTEAD STUDIO SUITES - EXTENDED STAY AMERICA - SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA The first week I was bit all over my face. The hotel brought in Orkin and the Manager confirmed bed bugs. The next day he was fired. From there, the District and Regional Manager denied the bed bugs. Saying the original report was wrong. Nonetheless, I had bites all over my face, neck, head, ears, and body. They gave me up to $5,000 medical insurance to see a doctor. Yet, continued to deny the

bed bugs. I kept finding bugs and so moved rooms 3 times. They did not wash my laundry and refused any compensation for what happened. The Corporate office blew off my phone calls for 2 weeks. When they finally did call, they said they had "no control or decision making power" and that they would leave it in the hands of the Regional Manager. I went to doctor and it was confirmed that they where bed bug bites. They could not really do anything to treat it. They had to heal on their own and there could be possible scarring that "might" go away. I called the District Manager to re-evaluate the situation. She said to me "this has gone on long enough" and so they will give me 2 days compensation, I could stay the rest of the month (1 week) and then I had to leave. They did not want me on property for fear I would tell other guests about the Bed Bug issue. So they kicked me out! Because I was bitten by Bed Bugs. The hotel was dirty and unprofessional. I found old beer cans in the kitchen cabinets. Behind every bed was dirty and dusty, with bugs under the mattress. I was told the hotel was under tight budgets and that the cleaning people where overworked and underpaid. They finally gave me quarters to do my own laundry and only enough to do a few loads. I had to clean the rest of my clothes out of my own pocket. Including any dry cleaning. Due to the bites on my face and body, and the serious reaction I had to them, I was out of work for almost 2 weeks since I do marketing presentations. I had to cancel 3 meetings and business was held up do to Bed Bug bite infections. Also, due to them asking me to leave, due to their bed bug issues needing to be kept a secret, I was almost left with nowhere to go! Luckily, I found a new place to stay within 2 days of the deadline. Very upsetting and scary situation. I am still considering filing a lawsuit and have pictures and witnesses. Going to talk to a lawyer first. I keep reading all of these horror stories and it is just wrong. DO NOT STAY AT EXTENDED AMERICA HOTELS and particuliarly the one's in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are a mess and infested with Bed Bugs. The Regional Manager is a Con Artist and is all about protecting her job. She will deny any issues or Bed Bugs. EXTENDED STAY AMERICA / HOMESTEAD SUITES - RIDDEN WITH BED BUGS. ~Anonymous~

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