Days Inn
1425 Highway 62-85 North
Harrison, AR

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Was staying two nights here in Sept of 2015.
First night ended with bedbug bites all over body. Informed staff of bedbugs in room, was moved to another room for the second night stay. Went to check out and was still charged full price for both nights. Even showed staff all the bites, staff said there was nothing they could do about it. Will never stay here again!!! I would stay at the Super 8 down the road next time, except the same people own it and I've heard its even dirtier and also has bu


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We luckily only spent about an hour at this days inn before we found our bed bugs. We were scheduled to stay here on 5/22/13 we were extremely tired and looked past many things that we normally would not have looked past. The hotel was disgusting. When I pulled back the sheets to get into bed that is when I noticed little stains on the bed sheets I showed my husband and we were both disgusted! I also found pubic hair in the bed as well and that was the final straw. We started packing up to leave

. At that point my husband pulled back the sheets even farther where we found more pubic hair and BED BUGS! That is where the stains are coming from! We checked out immediately! I have contacted the manager of the hotel and it has seemed to not do any good. The manager also re-posted on someone's report on here asking her to delete it. THIS HOTEL IS INFESTED DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!

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According to her post, it states that she found bed bugs in Room 303 when she stayed here. This is not true. The Boone County Health Department had came to the property to inspect that room and other rooms for any signs of bed bugs. Their reports clearly states that there were no sign of bed bugs found in the rooms that they inspected which also includes room 303. So, I request the post made by Stephanie to de deleted. If needed you are welcome

to contact Boone County Health Department to get a copy of the report

General Manager
Days Inn Harrison

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We stayed the night in room 303 and in the morning my husband went to take a shower and found a unfed adult bed bug in the shower curtain. So he took a picture. I took the picture down to the front desk and they said they could not refund the night because we prepaid for the room. Also the desk clerk called the manager over and during the conversation I learned they had an earlier complaint from room 301. They already knew there was a problem!!!! They offered us 20%off our next stay. I couldn't

believe they actually thought we would ever come back!

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I checked in on July 29,2012 when I got ready for bed I pulled the bedspread off the bed to find a bed bug I changed hotels. When I called the manager he said that there had NOT been any reports of bed bugs.Which is obviously a lie.

Got up the morning of 10/8/11 and found blood spots on sheets near pillow. Looked closely and found bugs on the bed. The hotel said that two rooms reported them that morning. The hotel was bringing exterminators immediately. We immediately put everything including our bags in a dryer for 45 minutes.

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