Hampton Inn Birmingham Colonnade
3400 Colonnade Pky
Birmingham, AL 35243-2355

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I stayed here for 2 nights, 1/26-27/2014. After the first night I had only noticed one or two small bites and didn't think much of it. After the second night I noticed multiple bites on my abdomen, legs, hands, etc. Not sure if it made a difference, but when I woke up the second morning, the sheets had slipped off the corner of the mattress, so I was laying partially on an exposed mattress. The hotel did appear to be clean, but I will not be staying in this location again.

Just stayed at the hotel for a group event..we had about 12 rooms reserved, we checked in on friday, august 10, 2012 and out on sunday august 12, 2012. on check out day people staying in 2 of the rooms were COVERED in bumps...one of the rooms had a small child and the parents actually pulled bugs off of her.

reported to front desk but they seemed to downplay. One of the bite victims was contacted by the hotel later in the day to let them know that the room passed the inspection so they did

not have to worry about taking bugs home.

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I stayed there for a conference, Jan 14-15. Woke up in the morning with red spots in a circle on my back. Thought asbout bed bugs but was unsure. Now 2 people who stayed here have bedbugs in their homes.

Just wanted to comment that hotel management need to learn that denying reports doesn't help. Doing what one San Fran hotel does and paying employees bonuses for finding bed bugs, proactively taking rooms out of service and regularly inspecting does help. I'd much rather stay some place that acknowledges the ongoing battles against bedbugs and outlines what it does rather than some place that just denies it!

The report of bed bugs at this location is false. The property was inspected on 6/12/09 by trained in-house staff as well as an outside pest elimination company on 6/3/2009 and 7/21/2009. The property was found to have no pest activity, no structural concerns and no sanitation issues. We would like to send a copy of this report to this web site so we may be removed from this registry. Please advise where we may send this documentation. Thank you.

Stayed in room 318 for a full week (June 8th - June 12th) during a class. Starting itching on Friday and went to the Doctor the next week for a rash. Turned out to be bed bugs that I had a allergic reaction too.

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