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Anchorage, AK 99501-3407

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RE 10/22 Report Room 900 and all other rooms continue to be Bed Bug Free. These symptoms cannot be directly connected to Bed Bugs, not even by a doctor. Only an inspection, as Marriott always requests, can confirm or deny these reports. Our BedBugFree company is called in to this and many other hotels in Alaska when any complaint is filed. Potential guests can rest assured in this hotel's safety record.

My husband and I decided to have a night on the town on Saturday 10/22/12, we tried getting a room at the Captain Cook Hotel but they were sold out, so we then decided why not the Anchorage Marriott? We checked into Room 900 and I usually always check the beds but this time I didn't and I climbed in and went to bed. I woke up and was sick and thought I could have been hung over, turns out our house was hit with the stomach bug. Anyhow, I went home and was getting ready to take a bath with my dau

ghter and noticed all these red bumps all over my body. Needless to say I freaked out and went to the ER for confirmation. Bed Bug bites all over my body. I called the hotel and I am expecting a phone call from a manager and I will be asking for a full refund. Last night I think was the worst night of rest in my life, I had endless nightmares. Freaking out if they came home with us. I have stayed here twice before and I have never encountered this problem. I hope they fix it too.

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The incident involving room 1212 was handled immediately by our Bed Bug Free ( service. The management was very quick to care for the problem, and did not hesitate to spend the funds necessary to resolve it.

The 14th floor problem is not specific enough, if the party reporting it wants to specify the room number, I will be pleased to check our records. I believe given its timing and proximity to the incident above that it was cared for in that program as well.

These incidences can easily happen, even in the finest hotels, but it is management like this that show an eagerness to continue to provide a comfortable room to our Alaska visitors.

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Rm 1212, Sep 23, 2010, told management and moved to new room informed of situation by a coworker. Showed manager the bedbugs.

9/15/2010 - 14th floor, adult bed bugs. Brought some home it appears.

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